LoTI - The Lottery Ticket Win Probability Calculator

Increase winnings by generating statistically better tickets with greater spread

LoTI calculates an overall ticket winning percentage, by counting how many wins your ticket can have out of every possible draw in a given lottery. Since most lotteries divide payouts by number of winners, winning multiple times on the same ticket generally returns less than winning across multiple draws. Therefore, statistically, tickets with a greater spread will not only win more often, the expected return over time is actually higher!

LoTI also can generate higher than average spread tickets - which you can of course test yourself. It also highlights the least performing and the greatest performing ticket rows for each division, along with allowing you to temporarily omit rows or divisions to see how spread is affected.

Supports most lottery types, either choose from a (short but growing) list or build your own to match your local lottery.

Completely standalone, all processing done on phone, no internet connection required!

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